Terms & conditions

CANCELLATION AND REFUND POLICY We hope and assure you that you will be satisfied with our services and the websites as well as the applications developed by us. However, in any case, you wish to cancel or do not want to avail any services by us, refer to this cancellation policy. You are requested to submit all your cancellation claims and cancellation request to the billing department of the Ansus Internationals. This means, that you can submit your request through email, or by directly calling us. Thereafter, you will receive a confirmation from us to pursue and accept your confirmation request. Refund policy At Ansus Internationals, we also maintain a refund policy in cases where cancellation requests are escalated with the claim of refunding the payment amount towards the development of the website of application. However, not every claim of refund shall be accepted by us. You must refer to the “Service Agreement’’ that you have signed with us at the initially. Kindly read the ‘’Service Agreement’’ thoroughly and all the clauses while proceeding with the refund claims. There is no guarantee of refund on every service cancelled with us. Also, take notice that we shall not be refunded on any amount of funds spent by you on search engines, services already delivered to you or for miscellaneous charges. In these cases, you are not entitled to recover any amount from Ansus Internationals.


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