To measure the performance of a website, analysts and marketers look at website traffic: the total number of website visitors along with information on where they came from and how they got from there to the site.

Understanding the nature of traffic, how to

increase the number of visitors, how to convert

traffic into customers, and why traffic is lower

on Saturday evenings is the key to your online



These are the key terms in web traffic



Hits — visitors’ interactions on the website


Sessions — collections of hits grouped by time

and interaction logic


Users — collections of sessions grouped on the

basis of similarities in device, browser, system,

and other parameters


Metric — a measurable index of an event

Parameter — a setting or criteria for analysis


Dimension — an attribute of your data


Below, we’ll describe these key terms and

others you might not know.


How to analyze website traffic


Your toolbox for traffic analysis will contain a

number of tools to explore your site metrics.

These services are programmed to examine

your website from the inside out and

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